Fire Prevention

Design and Management of Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention


The Fire Prevention is a multidisciplinary subject in continuous evolution, mainly due to the frequent issuing of new regulations.

In this context PLANNINGS offers to organizations, companies and technical firms various kinds of fire prevention consultation services, such as:

  • Complete management of all formalities for the Certified Report of NOC (Notice of Commencement) for fire provided by Italian Presidential Decree of 1st August, 2011, 151 (preliminary analysis, design in accordance with the technical rules and the general criteria of fire prevention, sworn)
  • Certificates for periodic conformity renewal
  • Derogation requests to specific regulations/rules
  • Fire Protection certification, legal report and test for equipments and facilities
  • Fire and explosive atmospheres risk assessment
  • Emergency plans and firefighter training
  • Authorization practices for activities subject to authorized audit by the Technical Commission for Supervision of Public Entertainment Places
  • Design and supervision of active protection plants for partitioning construction works and special systems
  • Periodic checks, tests and inspections of water systems fire hydrant and fire hoses, sprinklers, automatic detection of smoke, heat, gas, smoke and heat extraction systems, alarm signaling systems, emergency lighting.

PLANNINGS also supports its clients with a comprehensive consultation services for the formalities required by the Seveso Directive (Legislative Decree no. 334/99) on major hazards:

  • Suitability Analysis to the norms for systems / factories that hold hazardous substances
  • Risk Assessments, Safety Reports Drafting
  • Safety Management Systems for the prevention of major accidents.